First impressions count with customers and potential clients, and attractive paint makes all the difference. Here’s how to make sure your commercial painting project is a success:

Factors To Consider for a Commercial Paint Project

Before choosing a painting contractor, it’s helpful to identify your priorities.

  • Downtime: If you run a business that needs to be open 24/7, you need a painting company with a large team to finish the job quickly. Being able to work around your schedule is a plus too.
  • Durability: In factory environments, it’s important that paint provides optimal, long-term rust protection. Painted surfaces also need to be easily washable and hygienic.
  • Quality: Excellent commercial painting has a positive effect on your company’s own reputation for quality, style and cleanliness.
  • Attractiveness: Commercial painters ideally do more than just paint. They should have design experience, making recommendations to bring customer areas to life in a way that really shines.

How To Find an Excellent Commercial Painting Company

The methods for finding the best commercial paint companies are more business oriented than with residential jobs. It’s usually enough to call several contractors to request bids. Look for the following:

  • References: Professional painters should supply you with a list of customer references. Call to inquire about the results.
  • Portfolio: Any reputable commercial painter has a collection of past projects for you to look at. Observe before-and-after photos of interiors and exteriors.
  • Licensing: Don’t waste time with individuals who just do some painting on the side. For professional results, you need actual certified painting professionals.
  • Insurance: Above all else, make sure commercial painters are bonded and insured. This insurance protects your business and equipment in the case of accidents, and it keeps you safe from liability if one of the painters is injured on the job.

Once you find a favorite painting company, future projects are easier because you know you can expect great things. Whether for building exteriors, factory interiors or front office décor, high-quality commercial painting is vital for your business.

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