Taking care of your deck and getting the right look can be a bit of a stressful task if you’re not sure what to do. However, it’s not only important but can add beauty and curb value to your house. While painting may seem like a simpler option, deck staining can make a stunningly beautiful result that better protects the wood. If you hire a professional to handle the staining process and maintenance, this can ensure your deck remains in great shape.

  1. Wood Stain’s Beautiful Results

Staining the wood of a deck allows the lovely wood grain to show through. Different types of stains can also adjust the color with solid stains or keep its natural appearance with clear ones, as well as semi-transparent and toners in between. While staining may need more frequent care than painting, it can remain quite pleasant looking while paint can quickly start chipping before it’s time for repainting.

  1. Sun Damage Prevention

The beautiful natural wood grain and color can fade from the sun, so keeping it unstained and improperly painted can lead to much fading in color, creating a brittle appearance. Deck staining adds a protective layer that keeps the color from being sun bleached.

  1. Stopping Moisture and Cracking

Wood naturally absorbs water, which can lead to mold, warping and other damage. Stain adds a solid layer of protection, while cracked or chipping paint can still allow moisture in. Furthermore, cracks within the wood can be prevented, as well, as proper deck staining can give just the right amount of moisture, stopping deterioration from being too dried.

  1. Increasing in House Value

A deck that is both sturdy and beautiful can give back in terms of resale value. Houses with decks are typically sold for a higher price if they have been well maintained. The attractive appearance of deck staining, too, can be appealing to those searching for a house to consider buying and may bring in more potential buyers.

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