When it comes to home value, there are many things you can do to improve it without a major investment. Exterior paint is a great way to dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home without investing too much money. Here are some benefits of painting the exterior of your home and some ways to make the most out of your investment.

Preparing Your Home

Before you’re able to repaint the exterior of your home, you’ll need to prepare your siding. Depending on the type of siding, you’ll need to power wash your siding. Thoroughly cleaning the entire siding ensures that the new coat of paint will stick to your siding and provider a durable, professional barrier.

If a power washer doesn’t remove all the flakes of paint, particularly around your windows, you may need to scrape the remaining paint off. This step can be time-consuming, but it will allow the new paint to properly stick.

Choosing Paint

Be sure you choose exterior paint for your home. Interior paint isn’t durable enough to withstand the elements, so choose a specialized paint to keep your home protected. You may need two coats of paint, so budget accordingly.

The best way to coat your home is with a paint sprayer. However, this costly tool is difficult to use properly if you don’t have experience. Consider hiring a professional painting expert to ensure an efficient and professional job.

Hiring a Professional Painter

Choose an exterior paint professional to maximize the value of your home. An amateur coat of paint may not last long or provide you with the improved look you need to increase your home’s value. As you take the time to prepare your house and list it, be sure to invest in an expert painting team and enjoy the efficiency of their work and the improved value of your entire home.

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